The unique and exceptional space that always combines the sensuality, the eroticism, the elegance and the glamour with a good dose of entertainment and sensuality.

With an innovative design, cool and avant-garde it do of Uhomo a unique club in Barcelona.

Invited artists, thematic events, will do that you feel in a transgresive swinger discotheque but that at the same time you will be able to enjoy a darksome and sensual night.

All combined for each night at UHOMO unique and unrepeatable!!

Drinks Premium, international cocktails to satisfy the most exquisite taste of our clients, sound and spectacular lighting, stage, podiums, four bars of pole dance, cages and a sensual staff will do the nigths in UHOMO the best on Barcelona.

Suitable for all swinger public, and for couples not accustomed to the swinger world, all of this with the higher respect and politeness.

Discover the new and unique pleasure of the night in Barcelona.


Phone: 652205432 (only calls during club hours)

C/ Puig i Xoriguer nº10, Barcelona 08004

Norms of the club UHOMO:

There is not allowed to use cameras, mobiles or any device of recording inside the club.

There is not allowed to use of illegal substances inside the club.

The fortitude of lucre is not allowed in any case on the part of the clients inside the club in any sense.

There is not allowed the wrong use of the facilities of the club.

The club reserves the right of admission to persons whose clothing or aspect is neglected or inadequately.

The entry to boys is not allowed in short trousers or sports sneakers.

The respect, the education and the norms of conduct of the swinger environment, are forced fulfillment inside the club.

For your own interest we recommend the use of condoms and a suitable hygiene.

Only is allowed the entry of a maximum of 5 boys in night and under criterion of the club in door, and only on Thursdays and Friday.

The single boys, only have access to the common zones of the club.

On Saturdays and Sundays, exclusive nights of couples.

The club reserves the right of admission.

The non-compliance of these rules supposes the inmediate EXPULSION of the club.